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A Very Reddit Birthday

10 Mar

Have I mentioned how incredibly creative and fun my customers are?

Check out this awesome Reddit cake my friend Priscilla ordered for her friend! As if the cake wasn’t cute enough, check out the sparkler action it got at the karaoke joint when it was time to sing Happy Birthday!! In case you were wondering, the alien was sculpted out of fondant.




spark it up


9 Mar

My craft beer group is lead by one of my dearest friends! Here’s another sampling of my Craft Beer Cupcakes: Death by Chocolate and Cookies n Cream. Both cakes are baked with Southern Tier’s Warlock Imperial Pumpkin Stout for that last hint of fall on the back palate.

The “S” stands for SUPER or STEVE! They’re little mini oreos with piped frosting. The mini beer mugs are made of fondant and topped with a frosting “head”.

Happy Birthday, Steve! Wishing you many more!



Shirt Cake–WAIT! That’s a CAKE?!

17 Dec

Yes! I fooled many people with this cake. I had it on my desk at the day job while I finished writing the words. And several double-takes were taken! Another one of those cakes that make me feel like an accomplished cake momma!

So, this is a two-layer chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache frosting.  I didn’t want to make it too high or it would ruin the effect. Just to be clear, I did flip that tie up so everyone could see that those buttons went all the way up to the top! It’s all in the details, baby!

On a more personal note, this cake (and the cupcakes that came along with it) was an honor to do today. It was for the retirement party of one of the day job’s higher-ups, but more importantly, one of Queenie Cakes’ most creative customers! I have baked many cakes for this man’s family: Gift Box & Roses, Prost! The Beer Cake, Gray Elephant Cookies, Let’s Go Yankees,  and the Easter Eggs & Flowers . Not to mention all the cakes I didn’t have time to snap pics of. The cakes I have baked for them share lots of space on this blog and have shared plenty of space on his family’s tables. Thank you, John! I hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement!


2013-12-17 12.31.51



2013-12-17 12.31.23

The British Invasion

29 Sep

Really, has anything BAD ever come to us from our friends across the Atlantic?

It was my pleasure and honor to be hired by this fantastic family to make Michael’s 50th Celebration Birthday Cake. What I love most about them is that the TASTE of the cake is just as important as the visual. Yes, you want your special cake to look wonderful, but your cake should TASTE good, too.

Fondant gives a cake the finished and smooth look that a lot of people want because they see it on television, but let’s be honest. It doesn’t taste very good, and because of that reality, the cakes I make for them has little to no fondant so that it will not interfere with the taste.

The cake you see here is two cakes in one. The crown is chocolate cake infused with Grand Marnier liquor, filled with chocolate Grand Marnier ganache and covered in fondant. The crown is made of gumpaste and painted in edible gold highlighter. The only part of this cake that isn’t edible is the toothpick holding up the fleur de lis. This is the most fondant you’ll ever see me use on one of their cakes.

The base cake is layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with Ghirardelli milk chocolate ganache as the filling. The outside is frosted with vanilla frosting. Only the flags and small gold beads are made of fondant, and can easily be removed before slicing and serving. This flags are painted (free-hand) with food color thinned out with a little lemon extract.

I absolutely love making cakes for this wonderful family! I cannot wait until their next creative function!

2013-09-24 13.27.59

Tuxedo Grooms Cake

25 Jun



Cannoli filled cake covered in fondant for a sweet groom’s shower the people at work threw for an awesome colleague!

Congrats, John!!


2013-06-06 13.01.20






EXTERMINATE THE CAKE…and get cupcakes!

6 Jun

A Doctor Who order will never be denied. It took me two whole days to sculpt these babies, but I think they were worth it! All fondant with some toothpicks and lollipop sticks  to hold some of them up.

These are all the figures side by side. They couldn't travel on top of the cupcakes because they were too top-heavy to keep stable in a moving vehicle.

These are all the figures side by side. They couldn’t travel on top of the cupcakes because they were too top-heavy to keep stable in a moving vehicle.


Here are some of the little guys in action!

Here are some of the little guys in action!


Flaming Harley

12 May

Harley Davidson, please forgive me!

This was a special request from an awesome friend for her husband’s birthday. Motorcycles have A LOT of little parts, and Harleys have a very distinct look to them. I did my best!

The cake was covered in frosting, and not fondant. I had some very cool looking flames piped and blended on the actual 1/4 sheet cake, but then I went ahead and laid the Harley down and covered up some of the very cool details I had. =( Poor planning on my part.

The Harley, itself, is made of individual fondant pieces that I cut out and colored. I was working off a very detailed pictured and placed each piece down on top of the cake one at a time.

Despite my own displeasure with some of the aspects of this cake, my friend and her awesomely cool honey loved it!


Harley Davidson, please forgive me!

Harley Davidson, please forgive me!

Boobs! (NSFW)

25 Mar

Um…so….This is a cake of the female torso.

Seriously, what more can I say about this? It’s all edible. And the flavor is my famous Irish Car Bomb- Guiness Chocolate Cake w/ Jamesons and Bailey’s Buttercream.


Future Mets Fan

4 Mar

I absolutely love the more socially embraced trend of celebrating baby showers with the Daddy’s. It’s a new world we’re living in, and men should get almost half the credit for a little one on the way.

So, the challenge was a New York Mets themed baby shower cake for the Daddy for a baby whose gender is going to be a surprise.

Challenge accepted!!

The hat is cake, and the cake is only covered in fondant on the top. The rest of just good old buttercream! The flavor was red velvet with cream cheese frosting.


The Happiest Cake in the World

27 Feb

I don’t know Josh personally, but I hope the “Happy” cake that was ordered for him made him smile on his special day!

The inside is Pink Velvet cake (vanilla cake mixed with red velvet cake), and raspberry filling. The outside is colored frosting and fondant decoration.

2013-02-21 10.40.54

Butt, Of Course!

11 Dec

It’s a butt. It’s a cake. It’s a cake that looks like a butt!!!! Yes, I had a lot of room to make this look more…um….realistic, but there are just certain lines that I don’t believe cake should cross….EVER! I was told by one of my co-workers that a gaudy g-string may have be in order to distinguish my butt cake from being mistaken for boobies from afar.

In any case, that’s the Irish Car Bomb flavor under all that skin- Guiness Chocolate Cake, soaked in Jameson’s and Bailey’s, with a Bailey’s buttercream frosting. The skin is peach colored fondant and the tats are nothing more than food color. The lips, are not mine, by the way. I have some very lovely stamps that I purchased in the scrapbook aisle of my local craft store. (40% off, of course!) I gave it the “lips” texture by going over it with a little more color with a paintbrush.

I know we’re all adults here, but what is it about a Butt Cake that doesn’t make us all giggle?

It's a BUTT!! =)

It’s a BUTT!! =)

Thank You for the Music 2

15 Nov

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned electric guitar cake? Besides the toothpicks and the strings, this baby is ALL edible! And they loved it!!

Queenie Cakes - Guitar cake

Not much I have to say about this cake, other than it took about 6 hours, and I’m really happy how it came out!

Queenie Cakes - Guitar Cake

A Bird’s Eye View


I don’t usually put up the “after” pictures but I really love it when people enjoy what I do!


Thank You For the Music

14 Nov

This was my attempt at a trombone cake. I decided to try and sculpt one out of gum paste, paint it with some gold liquor, and prop it on a box so the bell of the trombone wouldn’t be smashed by laying it flat on the cake. Well, this is the finished product.

My favorite part of this cake are the tiny little notes all around.


Hey, Mr. DJ!!!

31 Aug

This was supposed to be a “small” cake for a friend’s brother’s belated birthday. I do a lot of small 6″ cakes for various occasions, but once you give me a theme, it’s really hard for me to stay within the lines, so to speak.

This is a fairly modest 2 layer 10″ square cake shaped like an old school DJ turntable. I didn’t go all out on details because it was supposed to be a “small” cake, but I thought it came out pretty solid!

Hey Mr. DJ Queenie Cakes by ChefQueenie

Well, blame the old camera phone for this horrible picture. I thought it looked on on the screen. By the time I downloaded it to my actual laptop, I saw how horrifically inadequate the quality was. That’s what I get for being too lazy to grab a real camera. This monstrosity of a picture is what was left after I was done tinkering with it on my photo edit program.


Hey Mr. DJ2 Queenie Cakes by ChefQueenie

This was taken with an iPhone by my friend. From what I was told, the cake got rave reviews from the birthday boy!


The Buddy Christ

29 May

My buddy Anwar comes up with the MOST creative ideas for cakes. He is responsible for the Ghostbusters Cake and for “Birthday Meme; Why U No Happy“. Nothing’s better than a customer who knows exactly what he wants, and is completely out of the box. Pop culture is really one of my top subject matters when it comes to cake. And the recipient is always very happy and sincerely surprised when they get their special confection.

Without further ado, I present to you all: The Buddy Christ

I was supposed to make the figure out of cake or rice crispy treats, however, the cake was much too soft to hold any form, and the rice crispy treats kept sliding down the dowels after the fondant was applied. There has to be a better way, I know.

I went with full-on solid fondant with a wooden down going down the middle and a lighter lollipop stick going across to keep his arms up. However, with time and humidity, as well as the weight of the fondant, his arms were threatening to fall down, as well.  Sculpting fondant figures is certainly NOT an easy feet, and now I know why other decorators charge so much for them. Lesson learned.

The round cake beneath is a cannoli and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

The Buddy Christ by Queenie Cakes

Any Dogma fans out there? Then you know who this is!

The Buddy Christ by Queenie  Cakes

Birthday Meme: Why You No Happy?!?!?!

1 Mar

Birthday: Why You No Happy?!?!?!

I really love my creative customers! Internet Memes can be hilarious. I’ve never been asked to incorporate this one on a birthday cake before. I assure you, the birthday boy was QUITE happy!! (I drew that bad boy free-hand!)

Boozy Birthday

21 Feb

What’s more fun than a birthday at a biergarten??? BOOZY CUPCAKES, of course!

These babies were done with love for the fearless organizer of my Craft Beer Meetup Group, Steve! If you love a good time and craft beer, check out the group! In the meantime, check out his cupcakes.

Light it up!!!

Another satisfied customer

PROST! The Beer Cake

23 Jan

I love it when my two worlds collide!! Behold, the Beer Mug Cake!

This is a stack of 6″ round cakes covered in fondant and marshmallow fluff (for the foam) on top of a half sheet cake. The flavor: Irish car Bomb. This is a chocolate Guinness Cake with a Bailey’s flavored buttercream. I did not drench it in Jameson’s as there were kids at this party.

The sheet cake is covered in fondant and hand painted with food color to achieve that wood feel.

Queenie Cakes: Beer Mug Cake

Queenie Cakes Beer Mug Cake 2

Spiderman – Take 2

27 Jun

Not every cake I make comes out spectacular and perfect. Every now and then, I end up with a Cake Wreck. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago. High humidity, a weak cake board, a soft cake and heavy frosting all contributed to a disastrous cake which resulted in a Spider Man catastrophe very similar to the Broadway show – a chaotic mess. I was left with NO Spider Man to top the base cake. The decorations I had piped all over the sheet cake were ruined, and  I barely made it to the party in time just so they had a cake to cut and serve…It was a nightmare and I felt absolutely horrible for ruining the party.

I was given the chance to try and make it up to this family. This cake is nothing like the original cake, but they wanted a much smaller cake, and I took some creative liberties. My Spidey figurine was not coming out Spider Man-like at all, so I opted to go with a candle instead. I wasn’t taking any chances messing up this cake this time around!

Two tiered- Vanilla and Chocolate on the bottom, vanilla & cannoli cream on the top!

Fondant Cut-outs and gold dragees on that bottom tier

The webbing is piped frosting. Spidey is a wax candle. My fondant figurine was not coming out well. =(

“Dick Spurtz” (NSFW)

8 Jun

That’s the one male porn name that comes to mind whenever people bring up porn names. “Dick Spurtz”

So, obviously this is an Adult Cake! My customer wanted a *ahem* piece at the point of crescendo spelling out “Happy Birthday” in spunk. That’s classy. It’s not for everyone, but I do love a creative order. It doesn’t get more original than this!

This is an Irish Car Bomb flavored cake: Chocolate stout beer cake with Bailey’s and Jameson’s. It’s filled with Bailey’s flavored buttercream and frosted with Jameson’s infused chocolate ganache.

I still haven't gotten my camera back. (Hint, Hint, MOM!) This was taken with my phone.

Perhaps it's the kind of cake that doesn't really require a close-up anyway. Oh, those are white chocolate peckers adorning the sides.

Well, ONE close-up can't hurt! (Watch your eye!) It's all in the detail!

Ghostbusters Cake

23 May

“If there’s somethin’ strange
In your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?”

Yeah, you know it!! I was born in ’78. The 80’s pop culture may come in as a close 2nd to my geek/gamer theme favorites! This may be one of my most favorite cakes of all time!

This is an 8″ chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and filling. It’s covered in fondant. The Ghostbuster emblem is cut out of fondant and painted with gel food coloring. The Staypuft Marshmallow Man and Slimer are also sculpted out of fondant. I’m a proud momma when it comes to this particular creation!

The Original Cake design. I think it looked awesome all on it's own.

"This Mr. Stay Puft's okay! He's a sailor, he's in New York; we get this guy laid, we won't have any trouble! "


But, look who else crashed the party!

Slimer Close Up

His mouth came out so awesome, I had to give him a close-up!

Ghostbuster Cake


So,  I don’t know how trademark and copyright rules go as far as blogs are concerned, but the lyrics at the top of my post is from the” Ghostbusters” Theme song recorded by Ray Parker Jr. back in 1984. (Please don’t sue me. I’m poor.)

This pic was taken by my customer. I stole it because it came out better than my pics! Thanks, Anwar!

PacMan Love

17 May

This was a Sweet 16 order which was based on a concept the customer found online. Who doesn’t love a little 8-bit action? I absolutely love making gamer / geek themed cakes. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Add the fact that 80’s video games are on par with my generation….Well, maybe I shouldn’t date myself. Enjoy the Gamer Love!

On a side note, this was for a young lady’s Sweet 16! I think that’s absolutely kickass. =)

PacMan ❤

NYC Ballin’

12 Apr

A good friend of mine wanted some custom cupcakes for a real NY sports fan. She was really happy with the results!

Group Shot in the box. The other 3 are in a different box.

Top 3

I know my Knicks logo needs work. Practice makes perfect!

NY Giants

NY Yanks!

Grooms Cakes

8 Mar

These cakes were actually for a “Groom’s Shower” at work. (Rather than a Bridal Shower.) The Red & Black cake is made of red velvet cake, strawberry filling, and chocolate ganache frosting on the outside. The strawberries are chocolate dip in a tuxedo motif. The Black & White cake is made of vanilla cake, chocolate ganache filling, and vanilla whipped frosting on the outside, and is also topped with chocolate dipped strawberries in a tuxedo motif.

Grooms Cakes

Twin Grooms Cakes for a "Groom's Shower"

Red Grooms Cake

Red velvet cake, strawberry filling, dark chocolate ganache frosting. Decorated with tuxedo chocolate dipped strawberries.


Vanilla and Chocolate Grooms Cake

Vanilla & Chocolate cake layered between dark chocolate ganache filling, frosted with whipped vanilla frosting. Decorated with tuxedo chocolate dipped strawberries.

1959 Ford Fairlane

7 Sep

My first attempt at a 3-D car cake. The professionals make it look so easy! I watched someone else attempt this once, and it was a disaster. My Dungeon was too hot, it was so humid, the fondant was melting off the cake! This time around, I did most of the  fondant work outside of my Dungeon, in a more climate controlled environment. I think the front end and detail work could use some improvements, but I’m very proud of my first attempt!

Original Ford Fairlane Front View

Original Car Back View

Original Car - Semi Back View

The Ford Fairlane Cake

Side View (Yes, the flat in the back is on purpose, as per the original!)

Ford Fairlane- Front View

Ford Fairlane- Back View

Are You Ready to Rumble?

2 Sep

Are You Ready to Rumble?!?!

Hey! That's me!

Some old school pictures of cakes from birthdays past. I threw in one of me working on it just to change things up a bit. Sorry the picture isn’t great. Someone else took it on their camera. I hate those date tags, but what can I do about it now?

I made this cake for my old girlfriend’s fiance’s birthday. There’s a spice and chocolate cake combo inside. It’s frosted with chocolate ganache. The outside is all fondant sprayed and painted. The ropes are made of ribbon. The ring posts are wooden dowels covered in fondant and then painted black.

Daddy’s Baby Shower Cake

22 Aug

Yes, the jersey is backwards, but it's a "Baby Bear" so it's cute, which makes it okay! Right?


Backwards Jersey


I love it when customers give me a challenge. This is a cake topper for a man’s baby shower cake! This gentleman and his wife were expecting a baby boy. Being a die-hard Eagle’s Fan, his coworkers asked me what I could come up with. The bear is made of cake, furred up in chocolate frosting, and outfitted in fondant. I know nothing about football, so when they told me the jersey was backwards, I quickly explained that the bear is a “baby” and I meant to do that so it would look cute…which it did! 😉

The father-to-be was so touched, he saved the teddy bear cake topper for the baby’s first birthday! He had it wrapped up like a wedding cake tier and froze it.  I don’t know what the best part of this cake was; the challenge to make a baby shower cake for a male, or the reaction I got when the recipient saw it for the first time. Priceless.

Let’s Go Yankees!

18 Aug

Fondant Covered Half Sheet Cake, Painted Design w/ 3D Emblem

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