Daddy’s Baby Shower Cake

22 Aug

Yes, the jersey is backwards, but it's a "Baby Bear" so it's cute, which makes it okay! Right?


Backwards Jersey


I love it when customers give me a challenge. This is a cake topper for a man’s baby shower cake! This gentleman and his wife were expecting a baby boy. Being a die-hard Eagle’s Fan, his coworkers asked me what I could come up with. The bear is made of cake, furred up in chocolate frosting, and outfitted in fondant. I know nothing about football, so when they told me the jersey was backwards, I quickly explained that the bear is a “baby” and I meant to do that so it would look cute…which it did! 😉

The father-to-be was so touched, he saved the teddy bear cake topper for the baby’s first birthday! He had it wrapped up like a wedding cake tier and froze it.  I don’t know what the best part of this cake was; the challenge to make a baby shower cake for a male, or the reaction I got when the recipient saw it for the first time. Priceless.


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