Hey, Mr. DJ!!!

31 Aug

This was supposed to be a “small” cake for a friend’s brother’s belated birthday. I do a lot of small 6″ cakes for various occasions, but once you give me a theme, it’s really hard for me to stay within the lines, so to speak.

This is a fairly modest 2 layer 10″ square cake shaped like an old school DJ turntable. I didn’t go all out on details because it was supposed to be a “small” cake, but I thought it came out pretty solid!

Hey Mr. DJ Queenie Cakes by ChefQueenie

Well, blame the old camera phone for this horrible picture. I thought it looked on on the screen. By the time I downloaded it to my actual laptop, I saw how horrifically inadequate the quality was. That’s what I get for being too lazy to grab a real camera. This monstrosity of a picture is what was left after I was done tinkering with it on my photo edit program.


Hey Mr. DJ2 Queenie Cakes by ChefQueenie

This was taken with an iPhone by my friend. From what I was told, the cake got rave reviews from the birthday boy!



2 Responses to “Hey, Mr. DJ!!!”

  1. mydearbakes September 15, 2012 at 2:04 AM #

    Your cake decorating works are so amazing! =)

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