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PacMan Love

17 May

This was a Sweet 16 order which was based on a concept the customer found online. Who doesn’t love a little 8-bit action? I absolutely love making gamer / geek themed cakes. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Add the fact that 80’s video games are on par with my generation….Well, maybe I shouldn’t date myself. Enjoy the Gamer Love!

On a side note, this was for a young lady’s Sweet 16! I think that’s absolutely kickass. =)

PacMan ❤


Gamer Love…FTW!!!

10 Dec

The EPIC win, indeed!

Geeks, nerds, techies, gadget freaks; they all hold a soft spot in my heart. Nothing’s sexier than a Smartie in my book! So, you can imagine how much fun I had creating these 1-Up Cakes for my Gamer friends.

The NYCGI (New York City Game Industry) holds monthly meet-ups for game-minded folks looking to break into the game development world. Here’s their website for more information on that: http://nycgameindustry.com . Where do they meet, you ask? At this VERY awesome bar in Brooklyn called Barcade. Not only does it offer wall to wall local micro-brews (for you beer snobs out there), but they are jam-packed with all the retro arcade games from years far gone. I’m talking Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, & Asteroids, just to name a few. This spot offers plenty to the Game Makers and the Game Players.

Now, for the cakes:

Gamer Goodness - Fondant Cupcake Toppers on top of Vanilla Amaretto cupcakes w/ Chocolate Frosting.

So, I didn’t have enough time to make enough toppers for all 24 cupcakes. The cupcakes below are called “Strawberry Kisses”. It’s vanilla cupcakes, drenched in milk chocolate Godiva liquor, filled with strawberry filling, and topped off with chocolate frosting “kisses”. One of my favorite flavors!

Control Freak

I'm a control freak! Classic NES Gun (Duck Hunt, anyone?), SUPER-CLASSIC NES Controller, and Classic NES Game Cartridge (Those who get the Blow Me reference are as old as me!) on top of Strawberry Kisses Cupcakes

And now for a couple of close-ups. I’m a horrible photographer. I wish the pictures were better, but what can I do? I’ll take a class eventually, and hopefully the pictures of my cakes will finally do the originals some justice. For the record, I didn’t take these pictures, but the one’s I did take didn’t come out any better. It may be time for a new camera…


Can you name the Pac-Man ghosts? This one's Blinky. (That's the Guitar Hero guitar in the background.)

Cherries & Shrooms

Pan Man Cherries & Super Mario Bros. Power Up Shroom

Atari Controller

My FAVORITE one of the whole lot: The Atari Controller

Close Ups

Playstation Controller, 1-Up Shroom, NES Cartridge, and NES Gun in the waaaay back!


X-Box Controller & NES Gun

Blow Me

A big nostalgic High Five to anyone who comments on why I wrote "Blow Me". (There were many questions, I'm sad to say. They just don't get it....)


My Second Favorite of the bunch! The classic NES controller. Many awesome memories with this baby in my hands!

Super Mario Shrooms

Take home treats for Adam & Vanessa! ❤

So, my little fondant gamer toppers are not PERFECT. I’m missing some logos and there are a few proportion/ratio problems. With time (or lack thereof) always being my enemy, I had to forgo a few details here and there. However, this is the MOST fun I have ever had working with fondant. It brought back a lot of fantastic childhood memories, and I was actually there to see the Gamer’s reactions to my work, and to see them enjoy gobbling them up!

Frankly, it’s one of the proudest moments I’ve had in my baking career; making something with my own two hands in the images of things I loved for awesome, appreciate people who were thrilled and happy with my efforts. You can’t ask for much for than that!

Old School Mario

18 Aug

My First Attempt at Making  Nintendo DS Cake- Completely Covered & Decorating in Fondant

My DS may have needed some work, but my Mario Scene is cute as all hell!

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