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Un-BEAR-ably Cute

14 Oct

How could I resist. So, the request from the customer was royal blue and gold for her Teddy Bear themed baby shower. The cake is 14″ red velvet and frosting covered. The only fondant on that is the “pillow” up top which is chocolate cake covered in fondant and gold teddy bear cutouts and the actually teddy sitting on top of the pillow. It was my hope to make a teddy bear out of cake, but the humidity in NY that weekend was killing my cake sculpture and the fondant around it. Unlike other bakers, I want my cake to taste good, so I use an awesome recipe which was just too soft and moist to hold up against the weather and the shape. A real chef will always choose TASTE over aesthetics. That’s what I truly believe.

The cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla with fondant teddy bear cutouts. The gold cutouts are brushed with gold dust.

The cake pops are also chocolate and vanilla. There was a royal blue one that I neglected to take a picture of. But, because I don’t make gold chocolate (the dust will only get everywhere and taste not-so-great) the customer opted for yellow, which I thought made a much cuter cake pop.




Baby Shower Carousel Cake

25 Aug

Buttercream covered cake w/ Teddy Bear Topper

Daddy’s Baby Shower Cake

22 Aug

Yes, the jersey is backwards, but it's a "Baby Bear" so it's cute, which makes it okay! Right?


Backwards Jersey


I love it when customers give me a challenge. This is a cake topper for a man’s baby shower cake! This gentleman and his wife were expecting a baby boy. Being a die-hard Eagle’s Fan, his coworkers asked me what I could come up with. The bear is made of cake, furred up in chocolate frosting, and outfitted in fondant. I know nothing about football, so when they told me the jersey was backwards, I quickly explained that the bear is a “baby” and I meant to do that so it would look cute…which it did! 😉

The father-to-be was so touched, he saved the teddy bear cake topper for the baby’s first birthday! He had it wrapped up like a wedding cake tier and froze it.  I don’t know what the best part of this cake was; the challenge to make a baby shower cake for a male, or the reaction I got when the recipient saw it for the first time. Priceless.

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