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Spiderman – Take 2

27 Jun

Not every cake I make comes out spectacular and perfect. Every now and then, I end up with a Cake Wreck. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago. High humidity, a weak cake board, a soft cake and heavy frosting all contributed to a disastrous cake which resulted in a Spider Man catastrophe very similar to the Broadway show – a chaotic mess. I was left with NO Spider Man to top the base cake. The decorations I had piped all over the sheet cake were ruined, and  I barely made it to the party in time just so they had a cake to cut and serve…It was a nightmare and I felt absolutely horrible for ruining the party.

I was given the chance to try and make it up to this family. This cake is nothing like the original cake, but they wanted a much smaller cake, and I took some creative liberties. My Spidey figurine was not coming out Spider Man-like at all, so I opted to go with a candle instead. I wasn’t taking any chances messing up this cake this time around!

Two tiered- Vanilla and Chocolate on the bottom, vanilla & cannoli cream on the top!

Fondant Cut-outs and gold dragees on that bottom tier

The webbing is piped frosting. Spidey is a wax candle. My fondant figurine was not coming out well. =(

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