Thanksgiving 2019

It’s that time again! =)


A 10″ Pie is going for $15.oo this year ($25 for 2 because who doesn’t like a two-for deal?) Besides one AWESOME pie, it will be boxed and wrapped, ready to take anywhere you end up for gobble-gobble day. The box will be beautifully ribboned; dressed and ready to set out on your own table or to head out wherever you may be celebrating.


Chocolate Mousse– Chocolate pastry crust filled with a rich milk chocolate mouse, topped with vanilla whipped cream and dark chocolate curls

Southern Pecan– A top seller every year, this bourbon infused pie is pretty, as well as delicious!

Sweet Potato– An American staple- with or without the marshmallow fluffy yumminess on top

Pumpkin– No canned recipe here. I puree my own pumpkin and blend it with cream and spices to create this traditional Thanksgiving dessert. I suggest making some cinnamon whipped cream and serving it alongside this pie.

Pumpkin Apple – Same as above but with a twist of Apple Butter baked into the custard. Imagine your traditional pumpkin pie with a fruity apple twist.

Coconut Custard– I use a crème brulée base to make my custards. This pie will be richer, smoother, and more decadent than anything you’re going to buy in some other bakery.

Apple– Between two crusts or crumb topped, this has been my baby since the beginning. With a sweet cinnamon-spiced crust and a distinct center, my regulars order this type from me year after year.

Apple-Pumpkin – Traditional apple pie with a pumpkin butter twist! Do you love apple pie? Do you love pumpkin? Do you want a little of both, but can’t decide which one to go with? Try this one! It’s just a hint of pumpkin mixed in with the apples for an extra-special Thanksgiving treat! Specify a double crust topping or a crumb topping. (Or a crumb topping with some crust decorations.)

Specialty Flavors for 2019


Yes, I know it’s ballsy to take this traditional Italian dessert and transform it into a pie, but if anyone can do it right,  it’s me. My tiramisu base is legendary. I’ve found a way to transform that into a pie. With a “crust” of soaked lady fingers and a tiramisu filling, this sinfully new pie is topped with a dusting of only the finest Dutch processed cocoa powder. Give it a try; you may want one for X-Mas, too!

Banana Nutella

A sweet pie crust filled with layers of fresh bananas and a light, creamy Nutella mousse consisting of cream cheese and whipped cream, topped with a generous sprinkling of chocolate shavings.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse

People have been asking for it for years, and I’ve politely skirted around the whole peanut butter thing because I’m not a peanut-lover…but a lot of my customers are! A little tinkering with the traditional recipe has left me with a nice, fluffy peanut butter chocolate mousse that even I wouldn’t mind taking a slice of. This pie is in a baked chocolate crust. The filling is a whipped, fluffy light peanut butter chocolate mouse that would make any Reeses-lover happy.

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or text or call me : 917-796-1389

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