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Peppa Pig

26 May

In an attempt to cut back on fondant-covered childrens cakes, I was tasked to come up with a Peppa Pig concept that covered the cake in buttercream, but still delivering on eye-popping, kid-friendly colors. When decorating with pigs, it’s hard to get that “pig in mud” theme going without making the cake look…..sloppy. Peppa Pig and her family love mud! I didn’t necessarily want to cover this cake in chocolate because too much chocolate/pigs/mud can easily start making the cake look too…sloppy. Overall, I’m VERY happy with the way this came out! Aside from the Peppa Pig family, the flowers, the mini cake, and the little pool of chocolate fondant they are sitting in, the cake is covered in buttercream!

I was told that little Kelsie was very happy with her cake, and everyone loved the chocolate and vanilla goodness waiting for them inside as they cut into it. Happy people all around!

peppa pig


peppa pig 2


Mini Peony Tier

4 Dec

This is, by far, the cutest cake I’ve ever had the pleasure of making. That’s a 6″ base topped with a little 4″ topper. It’s hazelnut cake with Nutella buttercream. It’s covered in fondant. The peonies on the top of the cake and at the base are made of gumpaste. The smaller blossoms along the side are fondant. The cake is brushed with pearl dust for a little shimmer.



A better view of the little blossoms.

A better view of the little blossoms.

Gabe’s Baptism Cake

6 Nov

I made a baptism cake for one of my oldest and dearest friends for her son Gabe’s baptism. Covered in fondant and topped with gumpaste ribbons and flowers, the sides are adorned with piped frosting swirls for a simple and elegant design that everyone seemed really happy to dig into! The inside: Death By Chocolate cake filled and frosted with sinfully decadant chocolate ganache. Fitting for a most holy celebration!



Bees and Ladybugs

14 Jul

I have had the pleasure of making Little Miss Esme’s Birthday cakes for each of her 4 birthdays! This year, her mom told me she wanted a cake with flowers, but most importantly, don’t leave off the bugs! I was more than happy to oblige.

Cakes are hard to work with in the summer. I don’t have a problem telling you that. If you chill the cake, it starts to sweat as soon as you take it out of the ice box. That is disasterous for fondant and a pain in the butt for buttercream. But, Summer Babies needs birthday cakes, too!

This is a vanilla cake filled with chocolate ganache and covered in vanilla frosting. The flowers and bugs are fondant.

Happy 4th Birthday, Esme!

Happy 4th Birthday, Esme!

Spring Flowers Cupcakes

11 Jun

I do like making little fondant flowers for cupcakes! These are dulce de leche flavored cupcakes with dulce de leche butter cream. The flowers are made with fondant.

These have a little "Mima 72" in fondant hearts to celebrate the birthday girl.

These have a little “Mima 72” in fondant hearts to celebrate the birthday girl.

cupcakes and flowers

Kick Back Island Style

5 Apr

I can never get enough of these “scene” styled cakes. This particular 8″ pina colada cake was for a tropical themed engagement party. The happy couple was island-bound for their honeymoon, so their friends decided to kick things off with a luau type get-together. Incidentally, this cake was ordered along with the “Booty Biscuits”.

Most of the picture is done with colored buttercream with only the palms, hammock, flip flops and hearts being made out of fondant. This cake always makes me smile!



tropical cake sideview

M.A.C. Attack

5 Mar

I love a customer who knows what she wants! This was a very fun order to fill using only gold, purple, and black with the M.A.C. theme! The flavors of these fashion-forward themed confections were Red Velvet and Death by Chocolate!


M.A.C. Cupcakes

M.A.C. Cupcakes



Hippy Birthday

20 Aug

How does one do a tie-die cake and NOT make it look like a hot mess?

Besides all the colorful goings-on outside of this cake, the inside is vanilla cake with sprinkles baked throughout (aka Funfetti). BTW- that’s not an actual flavor. The flavor would be VANILLA and the sprinkles is more of a decoration. You don’t actually TASTE sprinkles. They’re little bits of colored sugar.

This is a 3-tier cake- 10″, 8″, and 6″. Each tier is enrobed in fondant. The bottom tier has fondant cutout flowers. The top two tiers are hand painted with food color to get that tie-dyed effect. The topper is made of fondant.

Hippy Birthday 1 2013-08-03 09.30.17 2013-08-03 09.29.55 2013-08-03 09.29.48 2013-08-03 09.30.38

GUCCI Handbag in the Tropics

13 Aug

Not every cake goes off smoothly. Sometimes the weather works against me when I’m handling fondant and sometimes disasters happen en route to the location.  Such was the case with this cake. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and the fondant was tearing and ripping. When I finally had the cake loaded and on its way to the venue, some jackass driver stopped short in front of me, causing the cake to slide forward, the bag to topple over, and all the layers on the “box” to shift, tearing the fondant. The delicate tropical flowers I spent hours sculpting the night before were either smashed or cracked. It took  me nearly 3 hours to fix all the damage one hard brake caused, but my customer was incredibly understanding and patiently shifted around the party itinerary until I arrived.

The cakes are all red velvet and filled with cream cheese frosting. The box is made of chocolate fondant. The flowers are gumpaste. The bag is covered in fondant and gumpaste, and each of the GUCCI symbols are hand-painted with edible color gel. The “sand” is brown sugar.

gucci cake qc

This is me in action, setting up the cake!

This is me in action, setting up the cake!

Butterflies & Flowers

22 Jul

It’s really nice to just make a PRETTY cake every now and again. I started my cake career making gumpaste flowers and cake decor. As the cake trends moved away from that and more towards characters and the leaning towers of confections you see on television, the classic beauty of floral sugar craft is often overlooked.

This is a Nutella filled cake, covered in fondant and decorated in gumpaste flowers and butterflies. Despite the ridiculous humidity we’ve suffered this summer, it held up surprisingly well! And I was so happy to break out my old floral tools!
butterflies and flowers 2

The Happiest Cake in the World

27 Feb

I don’t know Josh personally, but I hope the “Happy” cake that was ordered for him made him smile on his special day!

The inside is Pink Velvet cake (vanilla cake mixed with red velvet cake), and raspberry filling. The outside is colored frosting and fondant decoration.

2013-02-21 10.40.54

Good Luck Bouquet

3 Jul

Sometimes you can take something simple and make it unforgettable. This is a vanilla and chocolate combination cake on the inside covered with vanilla buttercream, and covered in fondant blossoms, dusted in pink and pearl petal dust.

I really need to work on my food photography. As it is, I snapped this pic while it was in the box, on the way to the customer.


Have I mentioned how much I love piping my scrolls in dramatically contrasting colors? And I really dig the little pops of colors the mini blossoms bring to the party against the dark chocolate scrolls.


Just a different angle.


If I haven’t already mentioned it, I really love this cake!

Black & White w/ a Touch of Red

30 May

I’m going to let this stunning cake speak for itself!

Black White and Red

Fondant covered red velvet cake. Gumpaste roses and flowers with a band of black fondant along the bottom with hand-piped scrolls.

Spring is in the Air

24 Apr

Mini marshmallow flowers atop mini cupcakes! Perfect for mini tea parties!

Happy 1st Birthday, Esme!

19 Jul

My friend not only asked me to make her daughter Esme’s First Birthday Cake for her big party on the farm, but she also asked me to make her “Official” first birthday cake for her actual birthday! How awesome is that?

Angel Food Cake w/ Vanilla Whipped Icing (Cupcake in the middle is a less sweet version of this cake...for the baby's sensitive tummy!)

The barn is carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting. The sheet cake is vanilla and chocolate cake layered with vanilla and chocolate frosting.

So, there I was at the farm, snapping away with my Cannon Rebel, admiring my friend’s husband’s equally cool Cannon Camera. When I went to grab the pictures I took, imagine my disappointment when I realized that I forgot to put the memory card back in there.  Figures. I’ll update this post with the pics my friend took as soon as I get them!

UPDATED…with better pictures!

Farm Cake

How's that for cuteness?

Wonder Pets Cake

5 Jul

I think kids these days have such amazing options for cakes. Check out my Wonder Pets Cake!

Everything from the bottom tier to the red ship is all made out of cake! The Wonder Pets themselves are sculpted out of fondant. The inside is vanilla butter cake with Nutella hazelnut buttercream.

Wonder Pets Cake

Everything but that wooden dowel is edible!

Wonder Pets Cake

Those little white clouds along the second tier are piped buttercream.

Wonder Pets Cake

The little red ship is also made out of cake!

Wonder Pets Cake

All the little Wonder Pets are sculpted by hand out of fondant.

Cupcake Bouquet

28 Jun

Instead of flowers, send one of these!! Those are seven jumbo cupcakes up top, and a cake filled pot at the bottom (lined with tissue paper, of course.)

This is the first of a series of Bouquets that I’ll be making. They seem to be popular with the test group I tried them out on, and with a few tweaks, I don’t doubt that they will become a best seller! This particular bouquet is $35. I can probably make different sizes (smaller or bigger), but this will be the standard size for now.

Cupcake Bouquet- $35

7 Jumbo Cupcakes up top, and Cake-filled pot below

They can be made in different sizes, but this is my standard size now.

Spring Birthday

2 May

There’s nothing better than a Spring Birthday, especially a 1st Birthday! This cake was designed for the first birthday party of Fallon Brady! (What an awesome name!) I had made the small baby shower cake for her parents last year, and I had the honor of creating her first birthday cake this year!

The cake is red velvet with chocolate frosting. It’s covered in light pink fondant, fondant daisy cutouts brushed in pearl dust, and green leaf cutouts, bordered by green fondant beads. It’s a simply beautiful cake to kick off the 2011 Spring season!

Happy First Birthday, Fallon!

Gift Box & Roses

19 Apr

Very understated gift box-shaped cake. What I loved about this order was a new recipe I was able to try out. Butter cake filled with maple and walnut buttercream. It was a rich, maple flavored buttercream with chopped walnuts scattered throughout. It got rave reviews.

Gift Box & Roses

Yo Gabba Gabba: Foofa

3 Jan

My first Yo Gabba Gabba cake…ever!

Vanilla cake with strawberry filling, covered in vanilla whipped frosting. Foofa is made out of fondant and colored & painted with edible food coloring.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Foofa

Foofa Close Up

Yes, I forgot to finish painting in the other two eyelashes per eyeball. I goofed! =(

Red Velvet Flowers

4 Oct

Red Velvet Flowers

This past weekend marked my mom’s 50th Birthday. Instead of some huge ostentatious cake, she opted for cupcakes. So, I whipped up a batch of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  The middle of the flowers are red piping gel and pink strawberry frosting. The butterflies are made of Merken’s chocolate.

Ivy & Roses

15 Sep

Simply Beautiful Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal shower cake for a summer wedding. Simple chocolate cake on the inside with chocolate mousse and raspberry puree filling. The roses are actual flowers, but the ivy is made of fondant. The vines are piped chocolate.

Autumn Wedding Cupcake Tree

19 Aug

Cupcake Tree for a Fall Wedding

Gerber Daisy Cupcake Tree

18 Aug


Colorful Gumpaste Gerber Daisies on Sugar-Rimmed Cupcakes

Easter Eggs & Flowers

17 Aug

Chocolate Buttercream Covered Cake w/ Gumpaste Flowers & Fondant Covered Easter Eggs


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