Besides the classic vanilla and chocolate, along with their variants, here are a few specialty flavors that I offer. I’m constantly trying out new recipes and flavor combinations. If there’s a flavor you would like me to create, that’s very much do-able. If it’s fabulous, it will be added as a regular! Any of these flavors are available as cupcakes or cakes. The garnishes may change depending on the occasion and design requested.


Hazelnut: Hazelnut cake w/ a Nutella buttercream
Red Velvet:
Red velvet cake w/ a rich cream cheese frosting
Dulce de Leche
: Caramel flavored cake w/ a dulce de leche buttercream, drizzled with ribbons of dulce de leche
Pecan Pie: bourbon flavored cake w/ a bourbon/praline buttercream topped with praline pecans
Pina Colada: pineapple flavored cake w/ a coconut buttercream & topped with toasted coconut & a cherry
Cookies & Cream: dark chocolate cake w/ vanilla & crumbled Oreo buttercream topped w/ mini Oreo cookie
Smores: Chocolate cake topped with marshmallow fluff and garnished with choc chips, graham crackers
Peanut Butter Cup: peanut butter cake w/ peanut butter chocolate frosting, garnished with mini peanut butter cups
Banana Chocolate: Banana cake baked with chocolate chips and topped with a rich chocolate frosting
German Chocolate: Light chocolate cake topped w/ a coconut, maple, caramel frosting
Orange Creamsicle: Orange flavored cake topped with a creamy orange & vanilla buttercream
Irish Car Bomb: stout flavored chocolate  cake doused w/ Jameson’s & topped w/ a Bailey’s flavored buttercream

Cupcakes w/ Filling (Cake Flavor Combos)

Strawberry Shortcake: Vanilla cake filled with strawberry filling and topped with vanilla whipped cream
Raspberry Truffle: Chocolate cake, raspberry filling, topped with chocolate ganache
Lemon Meringue: lemon cake filled with lemon curd topped with fluffy meringue (torched)
Black Forest : dark chocolate cake w/ cherry filling, topped with vanilla whipped cream
Boston Cream: Vanilla cake filled with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate ganache
Smores: Chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, topped w/ marshmallow & chocolate frosting & garnished w/ choc chips, graham crackers
Black Forest: Dark chocolate cake, cherry filling & kirsch flavored whipped cream topping w/ shaved chocolate

Craft Beer Cupcakes

These flavors are not only baked with Craft Beer in the batter, but there’s also a little craft beer incorporated into the cupcake after the baking process. While you won’t get tipsy enjoying a few, I can’t make any promises if you decide to pair them with some of your favorite micro-brews. Some of my favorite craft beer drinking spots in the city have featured these  cupcakes for their special events. Why don’t you give them a try for one of yours?

Irish Car Bomb – Chocolate stout cake, Bailey’s & Jameson’s buttercream
Mudslide – Chocolate stout cake, Kahluah & Bailey’s buttercream
Cookies n Cream: Chocolate stout cake w/ vanilla frosting w/ chocolate cookie pieces
Raspberry Truffle: Chocolate stout cake w/ a Raspberry & Lambic preserve filling topped with dark chocolate frosting
Black Forest: Chocolate stout cake w/ cherry filling & a whipped cream frosting
Mochachino: Espresso stout cake topped with Kahluah chocolate buttercream
Raspberry “Cheesecake”: Raspberry lambic cake w/ a raspberry cream cheese filling, topped with a  cream cheese frosting
Banana Bread: Banana bread beer cake topped with a chocolate hazelnut buttercream
Caramel Apple Pie: Hard Cider apple cake topped with a cinnamon caramel buttercream
Pumpkin “Cheesecake”: Pumpkin ale spice cake topped with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting
Orange Creamsicle: Citrus ale baked in an orange cake topped with a creamy vanilla/orange frosting

Piña Colada

Smores, Death by Chocolate, Vanilla Bean

Frangelico Fancies (Hazelnut)

Red Velvet Flowers

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