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Un-BEAR-ably Cute

14 Oct

How could I resist. So, the request from the customer was royal blue and gold for her Teddy Bear themed baby shower. The cake is 14″ red velvet and frosting covered. The only fondant on that is the “pillow” up top which is chocolate cake covered in fondant and gold teddy bear cutouts and the actually teddy sitting on top of the pillow. It was my hope to make a teddy bear out of cake, but the humidity in NY that weekend was killing my cake sculpture and the fondant around it. Unlike other bakers, I want my cake to taste good, so I use an awesome recipe which was just too soft and moist to hold up against the weather and the shape. A real chef will always choose TASTE over aesthetics. That’s what I truly believe.

The cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla with fondant teddy bear cutouts. The gold cutouts are brushed with gold dust.

The cake pops are also chocolate and vanilla. There was a royal blue one that I neglected to take a picture of. But, because I don’t make gold chocolate (the dust will only get everywhere and taste not-so-great) the customer opted for yellow, which I thought made a much cuter cake pop.




And, To All, A Goodnight

26 Dec

Wow! What a fantastic holiday season it’s been at Queenie Cakes this year. My awesome customers came out in full force to support the typhoon victims in the Philippines during Thanksgiving, and I had all sorts of new faces placing Christmas orders this year, along with my valued regulars. If that wasn’t moving enough, I also had a nice handful of business establishments all over the city ordering directly from me to handle their desserts for various private events!

My oven was fired up practically 24/7 and the festive scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, and peppermint still hang in the air in the Dungeon. I couldn’t have done this without my holiday helpers who not only take care of my supply run for me so I can stay in and bake, but who also assist with my deliveries during this crazy hectic time of the year. I love delivering myself so that I can meet and greet my various customers, but I can’t tear myself into several pieces when delivery times overlap. So, I am so thankful for the much-needed extra help.

Most of all, I am thankful for all my customers; new and loyal. Some of you guys have been ordering my cakes and desserts since I was still a stagier in culinary school. Some of you recently discovered me at someone else’s dessert table, and went out of your way to get in touch with me. (I appreciate all the positive references I’ve gotten from everyone!) And others just randomly found me on the internet and decided to give me a shot. Many of you re-tweeted my links, shared my menus, and handed out my business cards to all your friends and family, and I couldn’t be more overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response. I am humbled and honored that you let my confections grace your holiday tables, and I hope you’ll come back again for more!

I am thoroughly spent, and look forward to a long-awaited rest. Queenie Cakes needs to prepare for New Years!

Cheers, everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or plain old Hump Day; I hope you had fun with friends and loved ones. I know I had a great time baking for each and every one of your holiday celebrations and I look forward to doing it again in the future!



2 Nov

As of 10:45 this evening, my site has officially had 15,001 visitors!!!!!

I don’t know why that makes me so happy, but it does! =)


Thanksgiving Pies 2010

9 Nov

Thanksgiving 2010

I’ve been baking Thanksgiving Pies for sale for the last ten years. Over the years, I’ve had some fantastic flavors that have done well, and others that sort of fell short. These are the one’s I’m showcasing this year. I always take special requests, so feel free to ask if you have a flavor that may not appear on this year’s list.

A 10″ Pie is going for $15.oo this year. Besides one AWESOME pie, it will be boxed and wrapped- ready to take anywhere you end up for gobble-gobble day. The box will be beautifully ribboned and decorated; dressed and ready to set out on your own table or to head out wherever you may be celebrating.

Because I’m still working out of a smaller kitchen, I do have a cap I must set this year to ensure fantastic quality and timely delivery. Once I hit the 200 pie pre-order limit, I will not be able to take any more orders. I don’t want to risk your pie not being finished in time for the big day. I know some people need theirs a little earlier, and that’s fine, too. Just refrigerate and set out at least an hour or two before serving. Baked pies can be warmed in a 300 degree oven for 15 minutes before service.

Chocolate Mouse– Chocolate pastry crust filled with a rich milk chocolate mouse, topped with vanilla whipped cream and dark chocolate curls

Southern Pecan– A top seller every year, this bourbon infused pie is pretty, as well as delicious!

Sweet Potato– An American staple- with or without the marshmallow fluffy yumminess on top

Pumpkin– No canned recipe here. I puree my own pumpkin and blend it with cream and spices to create this traditional Thanksgiving dessert. I suggest making some cinnamon whipped cream and serving it alongside this pie.

Coconut Custard– I use a crème brulée base to make my custards. This pie will be richer, smoother, and more decadent than anything you’re going to buy in some other bakery.

Apple– Between two crusts or crumb topped, this has been my baby since the beginning. With a sweet cinnamon-spiced crust and a distinct center, my regulars order this type from me year after year.

Apple-Blueberry – The same great pie described up above, but with a sprinkling of plump blueberries that I’ve been preserving since the summer time from each trip I take to the Farmer’s Market. A new flavor just brought on last year, but was welcomed with rave reviews! Specify a d0uble crust topping or a crumb topping. (Or a crumb topping with some crust decorations.)

NEW FLAVOR for 2010


Yes, I know it’s ballsy to take this traditional Italian dessert and transform it into a pie, but if anyone can do it right,  it’s me. My tiramisu base is legendary. I’ve found a way to transform that into a pie. With a “crust” of soaked lady fingers and a tiramisu filling, this sinfully new pie is topped with a dusting of only the finest Dutch processed cocoa powder. Give it a try; you may want one for X-Mas, too!

I also offer Carrot Cake Cookies– which are soft cake-like cookies sandwiched Oreo-style with a filling of cinnamon cream cheese frosting in the middle. A box 0f 16 is only $10.00.

My contact info is listed in the ABOUT  tab, but I’ll throw it up here just in case:

queeniecakes@gmail. com

Email me, and I will email you my phone number so we can talk in person if necessary. As always, questions and special requests are always welcome!

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