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Un-BEAR-ably Cute

14 Oct

How could I resist. So, the request from the customer was royal blue and gold for her Teddy Bear themed baby shower. The cake is 14″ red velvet and frosting covered. The only fondant on that is the “pillow” up top which is chocolate cake covered in fondant and gold teddy bear cutouts and the actually teddy sitting on top of the pillow. It was my hope to make a teddy bear out of cake, but the humidity in NY that weekend was killing my cake sculpture and the fondant around it. Unlike other bakers, I want my cake to taste good, so I use an awesome recipe which was just too soft and moist to hold up against the weather and the shape. A real chef will always choose TASTE over aesthetics. That’s what I truly believe.

The cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla with fondant teddy bear cutouts. The gold cutouts are brushed with gold dust.

The cake pops are also chocolate and vanilla. There was a royal blue one that I neglected to take a picture of. But, because I don’t make gold chocolate (the dust will only get everywhere and taste not-so-great) the customer opted for yellow, which I thought made a much cuter cake pop.




Baby Safari

1 Oct

I can’t express how much I enjoy making baby shower cakes, especially when it’s a little off the everyday pink and blue affair. This was a gorgeous design my customer brought me for her  sister’s baby shower. The cake itself is pistachio filled with raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries. (I wish I could have sliced this cake and taken a shot of the inside.) Gorgeous, I tell you with a minty green cake and pink speckled buttercream with little red blotches of raspberries. You can imagine, right?

This is a 10″ cake topped with an 8″ cake. Both covered in fondant. The animals are gumpaste cutouts. Yes, I totally noticed the air bubble forming right in front of the giraffe on the bottom tier. I didn’t see it till I took the pic, and manage to smooth it out before pick-up.

We contemplated sticking a mini bottle of Jameson’s whiskey out of the cake as an homage to the baby’s future name, but I left the mini bottle off to the side, in case the expectant mother didn’t appreciate the intrusion on this baby-themed cake.

Front View (Air bubble was smoothed out after this pic was taken.)

Front View (Air bubble was smoothed out after this pic was taken.)

View with giraffe

View with giraffe

View with elephant

View with elephant

Boy or Girl?

29 Sep

Who doesn’t love a baby shower for an expectant mother who is going to keep the gender a surprise? This is a 9″ cake with cannoli filling covered in fondant. The décor is made with fondant and gumpaste pieces.

baby surprise

Princess in a Ballarina Dress

19 Jun

Is it a cake or a dress??? I can’t even begin to express how excited I was to make this cake. It was actually inspired by this tutorial. My customer saw this pic, and after some very minor changes, we agreed that it was perfect for her Princess themed baby shower. My cake is a 10″ cake topped with an 8″ cake. (The original is an 8″ cake topped with a 6″ cake.) The inside flavors are vanilla cake with cannolli filling. This is New York; where any native NY baker is expected to produce a delicious, authentic cannolli filling! It’s one of my best-loved flavors, to be honest. The entire cake is covered in white fondant; the top with quilting and pale pink pearls. Each ruffle on the bottom tier is individually cut out, shaped and attached with a dab of white chocolate. One of the most enjoyable cakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of making!

Thank you to Lacey Jakes Cakes for writing such a wonderfully detailed, and easy-to-follow tutorial!



Two Peas in a Pod

3 Jun

My good friend and fellow chef, Oscar, is expecting twins! Oscar has ordered many cakes from me in the past, most of which are already featured on my site.

During his daughter’s 2nd birthday party, he wanted to make this happy announcement via confection and left it up to me to come up with a way. This is what I decided on. The only fondant on this cake is the two tiny “peas” in the pea pod. The cake is decorated in frosting and all the decorations are piped on with frosting, as well. The inside is chocolate cake with strawberry filling; something I like to call Chocolate Covered Strawberry. Of course, it was a hit!

What better way to announce that there are TWO little bundles of joy on the way?

What better way to announce that there are TWO little bundles of joy on the way?

Cupcake Cuteness

27 Mar

Not every pastry I make has to have a millions pounds of decoration piled on top of it. First, and foremost, it has to taste good. And sometimes a well made cupcakes doesn’t need all the embellishments to make it fantastic! These were for a baby shower for a daddy-to-be of a set of twins! (Boy and girl!) How adorable is that? I opted to go with a more simple approach to the deco so that the yumminess of the cupcakes weren’t overshadowed and it didn’t make the babyshower too over-the-top feminine.

Somewhat gender-neutral, but still cute and simple!

Somewhat gender-neutral, but still cute and simple!


Double Hearts for the soon-to-arrive double bundle of joy!

Double Hearts for the soon-to-arrive double bundle of joy!

Dalmations & Firetrucks – Baby Shower Cake

11 Mar

Admittedly, firetrucks are not my forte.

This is a cake frosted entirely in buttercream! That’s right, folks. The only fondant on this cake are the stripes, polka dots, and the topper.

The layers are as follows:

12″ Tier: Hazelnut cake w/ Nutella Buttercream
8″ Tier: Vanilla Cake w/ Strawberry filling6″ Tier: Vanilla Cake w/ Chocolate Pudding filling

firetruck baby shower

I kinda wish I cleared the table of my junk mail before snapping this picture, but time was not on my side.

Baby Butt!

7 Mar

My contribution to the whole baby butt cake theme. The tiers are as follows:

Bottom: 14″ Dulce de Leche

Middle: 12″ Vanilla Cake w/ Cookies and Cream Filling

Top: German Chocolate Cake w/ coconut pecan caramel frosting

The baby butt was Dulce de Leche

I have a new techniques going on here. The bottom tier is the newest. That’s a damask stencil of pink frosting over the fondant covered cake. I was very happy with the method of stenciling. It was a very stunning reveal.

baby butt cake

Future Mets Fan

4 Mar

I absolutely love the more socially embraced trend of celebrating baby showers with the Daddy’s. It’s a new world we’re living in, and men should get almost half the credit for a little one on the way.

So, the challenge was a New York Mets themed baby shower cake for the Daddy for a baby whose gender is going to be a surprise.

Challenge accepted!!

The hat is cake, and the cake is only covered in fondant on the top. The rest of just good old buttercream! The flavor was red velvet with cream cheese frosting.


Panda Baby Shower

18 May

Here’s a very Zen theme from the Orient. The instructions were black and white with a touch of blue to go with the Panda theme!


Panda Baby

Panda Bear Baby Shower

Baby Blanket Baby Shower

20 Oct

My customer sent me a picture of a baby blanket they wanted the cake to coordinate with. First time I got to use my quilting tool!

This is a half sheet, cannolli-filled cake with vanilla-almond frosting, covered in vanilla and chocolate fondant.

Baby Blanket Cake

Top View

Baby Blanket cake

Side View

Gray Elephants

29 Aug

Teddy bears and duckies are so passé! What’s cuter than little gray elephants for a baby shower? These are sugar cookies iced in almond flavored royal icing.  There are 75 of those cuties jammed in that basket.

Elephant Cookie

I'm ready for my close up!

Elephant Cookie

Elephant Cookie

Cookie Basket

All packaged up and ready to go!

Elephant Cookie

They're just so darn cute!!!!!


Contemporary Baby Shower

8 Aug

Baby showers are always usually very cute and sweet…Why not add a modern, fun, contemporary flair?

Zebra print on a baby shower cake? Why not? =)

Baby Shower Cake Topper

Coordinating Cupcakes

Coordinating Cupcakes

Coordinating Zebra Cupcakes

Cupcake Trees always make people happy!

Baby Shower Carousel Cake

25 Aug

Buttercream covered cake w/ Teddy Bear Topper

Daddy’s Baby Shower Cake

22 Aug

Yes, the jersey is backwards, but it's a "Baby Bear" so it's cute, which makes it okay! Right?


Backwards Jersey


I love it when customers give me a challenge. This is a cake topper for a man’s baby shower cake! This gentleman and his wife were expecting a baby boy. Being a die-hard Eagle’s Fan, his coworkers asked me what I could come up with. The bear is made of cake, furred up in chocolate frosting, and outfitted in fondant. I know nothing about football, so when they told me the jersey was backwards, I quickly explained that the bear is a “baby” and I meant to do that so it would look cute…which it did! 😉

The father-to-be was so touched, he saved the teddy bear cake topper for the baby’s first birthday! He had it wrapped up like a wedding cake tier and froze it.  I don’t know what the best part of this cake was; the challenge to make a baby shower cake for a male, or the reaction I got when the recipient saw it for the first time. Priceless.

Baby Shower “Gift”

19 Aug

Fondant Covered "Gift" Cake, Gumpaste Bows

Top View

Side View

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