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Animal Prints

10 Dec

What’s a fun cake for a girl’s night out or your bestie’s birthday? A little zebra and cheetah print, of course! These cakes are covered in fondant. The zebra layer has fondant stripes. The cheetah layer has had its spots painted on with a little food color. The bow is black gumpaste! How can you not smile when you see this coming your way?

animal print


Just a little close up as I was boxing it up.

Just a little close up as I was boxing it up.


Boobs! (NSFW)

25 Mar

Um…so….This is a cake of the female torso.

Seriously, what more can I say about this? It’s all edible. And the flavor is my famous Irish Car Bomb- Guiness Chocolate Cake w/ Jamesons and Bailey’s Buttercream.


Butt, Of Course!

11 Dec

It’s a butt. It’s a cake. It’s a cake that looks like a butt!!!! Yes, I had a lot of room to make this look more…um….realistic, but there are just certain lines that I don’t believe cake should cross….EVER! I was told by one of my co-workers that a gaudy g-string may have be in order to distinguish my butt cake from being mistaken for boobies from afar.

In any case, that’s the Irish Car Bomb flavor under all that skin- Guiness Chocolate Cake, soaked in Jameson’s and Bailey’s, with a Bailey’s buttercream frosting. The skin is peach colored fondant and the tats are nothing more than food color. The lips, are not mine, by the way. I have some very lovely stamps that I purchased in the scrapbook aisle of my local craft store. (40% off, of course!) I gave it the “lips” texture by going over it with a little more color with a paintbrush.

I know we’re all adults here, but what is it about a Butt Cake that doesn’t make us all giggle?

It's a BUTT!! =)

It’s a BUTT!! =)

Let’s Go METS!!!

31 May

Queens is in the HOUSE! (Ok, well, maybe it’s just me in the house, but whatever.)

Gotta love a girl who loves her team!

So, the inside of this cake was pina colada, and it’s ALL cake in there- no inedible bits, if you catch my drift.

Let's Go Met's!

Pardon the uneven boobies. One shifted during transport. This was taken by my camera phone; hence the graininess.

The Buddy Christ

29 May

My buddy Anwar comes up with the MOST creative ideas for cakes. He is responsible for the Ghostbusters Cake and for “Birthday Meme; Why U No Happy“. Nothing’s better than a customer who knows exactly what he wants, and is completely out of the box. Pop culture is really one of my top subject matters when it comes to cake. And the recipient is always very happy and sincerely surprised when they get their special confection.

Without further ado, I present to you all: The Buddy Christ

I was supposed to make the figure out of cake or rice crispy treats, however, the cake was much too soft to hold any form, and the rice crispy treats kept sliding down the dowels after the fondant was applied. There has to be a better way, I know.

I went with full-on solid fondant with a wooden down going down the middle and a lighter lollipop stick going across to keep his arms up. However, with time and humidity, as well as the weight of the fondant, his arms were threatening to fall down, as well.  Sculpting fondant figures is certainly NOT an easy feet, and now I know why other decorators charge so much for them. Lesson learned.

The round cake beneath is a cannoli and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

The Buddy Christ by Queenie Cakes

Any Dogma fans out there? Then you know who this is!

The Buddy Christ by Queenie  Cakes

“Dick Spurtz” (NSFW)

8 Jun

That’s the one male porn name that comes to mind whenever people bring up porn names. “Dick Spurtz”

So, obviously this is an Adult Cake! My customer wanted a *ahem* piece at the point of crescendo spelling out “Happy Birthday” in spunk. That’s classy. It’s not for everyone, but I do love a creative order. It doesn’t get more original than this!

This is an Irish Car Bomb flavored cake: Chocolate stout beer cake with Bailey’s and Jameson’s. It’s filled with Bailey’s flavored buttercream and frosted with Jameson’s infused chocolate ganache.

I still haven't gotten my camera back. (Hint, Hint, MOM!) This was taken with my phone.

Perhaps it's the kind of cake that doesn't really require a close-up anyway. Oh, those are white chocolate peckers adorning the sides.

Well, ONE close-up can't hurt! (Watch your eye!) It's all in the detail!

To Have and to Hold

12 Oct

Bachelorette Party: The Penis Cake

Need I say more?

To Have and to Hold

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