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Snarky Hearts

28 Jan

We, the un-coupled, tend to get a little blue during the middle of the month of February. Some genius came up with a great idea to combat that:

!!!Singles Appreciation Day!!!

a.k.a.:   S.A.D.

And who doesn’t love a little humor and a little snark on this overly commercialized day of love? Order your Snarky Heart cupcakes today and celebrate on YOUR terms! The toppers are made of fondant and the lettering is piped with frosting. Do you need these to travel? How about a decorated sugar cookie instead? Get your snark in cookie form!

Thank you so much to my buddy Terry who fixed a pretty horrible picture and turned it into this pretty display you see below! Thank goodness someone is handy with a photo editing program. I’m usually lost!

Snarky Hearts

Snarky Hearts

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