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Seasame Street Cupcake Tower Cake

10 Jun

What’s better than cupcakes or a cake? Cupcakes on TOP of a cake! This was a multi-technique cake that had me rolling fondant and piping out our favorite Sesame Street character’s faces!

It is red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting on the inside. It’s covered in light blue fondant and topped with vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting tinted in light blue. The Elmo and Big Bird on the sides of the cake are piped on via buttercream. The plastic Sesame Street faces on top of each cupcake are actually plastic rings that the kiddies can take home with them once they’re done with their cupcake treat!

Overall, a very enjoyable cake to put together!

Again, sorry for the less-than-perfect picture. I was setting up this cake in the middle of the party and I was doing my best to get out of the way. I was also using my smart phone instead of a real camara- something I’m trying to get out of the habit of doing.

Left side view

Left side view

Front view

Front view

Right side view

Right side view

C is for COOKIE

14 Jan

That’s good enough for me!!

My buddy Josh sent me the cutest picture of some Cookie Monster cupcakes that he demanded I replicate. Naturally, the challenge was accepted. These are not an original design. You’ll see one version or another of these cupcakes all over the net. Some people actually suggest using blue food colored frosting to achieve uniform color, but if I put that much food color into as much frosting as it would take to get his head shaped that round, then my buddy would be pooping Smurfs for a week. I opted with the blue coconut instead. Yes, you can still make out the chocolate hazelnut colored frosting below, but the coconut can be scraped off if the eater is not a coconut fan, and the flavor of the cupcake, which is banana w/ chocolate hazelnut frosting, is not compromised.

Cupcake Cuteness: Achieved!

These are muffin-sized. Frankly, Cookie Monster deserves no less!

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