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Sweet 16 Masquerade

13 Nov

What’s better than making an awesome cake? Working with awesome customers like Amanda and her mom Susan. They had a very specific look in mind for Amanda’s Sweet 16, and I hope I was able to give them what they wanted.

This is the first pillow cake I’ve made, and when you match that up with masks (my personal favorite cake decor), the possibilities are amazing! Inside the pillows are cherries and whipped cream. That’s sandwiched between two sheets of dark chocolate cake. The flavor is black forest. The mask is made of gumpaste.


Masquerade Cake

2 Nov

Let me first apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I did this cake a day ahead of time and I was not there for the pick up or the pictures. I do make real masks out of leather and so I was very excited to make this cake. I hope it’s the first of many in this theme. (BTW- That  “18” candle was not my idea!)

Mask Cake from Afar

Far off view of the maskquerade cake

Mask Cake 1

The Mask is made of gumpaste and dusted with silver shimmer dust

Mask Cake 2

The Feather is real, not not edible

Mask Cake 3

This was on a 16" Chocolate and Vanilla Cake covered in Fondant

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