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Animal Prints

10 Dec

What’s a fun cake for a girl’s night out or your bestie’s birthday? A little zebra and cheetah print, of course! These cakes are covered in fondant. The zebra layer has fondant stripes. The cheetah layer has had its spots painted on with a little food color. The bow is black gumpaste! How can you not smile when you see this coming your way?

animal print


Just a little close up as I was boxing it up.

Just a little close up as I was boxing it up.

Cheetah Love

5 Jul

My first animal print cake! This pattern was so much fun to create! I didn’t use a stencil or template. This was all painted on free-hand with color gel diluted with a little vodka. The inside is almond butter cake filled with cannoli filling.  Ah, to be 23 again… =)

Cheetah Cake

What girl doesn't love a little cheetah print?

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