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Anchors Away

13 May

This isn’t really a success story. As it turns out, the bride-to-be who ordered this cake from me for her small engagement party texted me an hour after I delivered the cake to let me know how unhappy she was with the outcome. As settling does sometimes happen during transport, air trapped inside a cake will sometimes try to escape. When your cake is sealed up tight with fondant, a large air bubble will form and a pinhole has to be created in order to let that air out and to smooth the fondant down. I don’t blame a customer for freaking out over that. In fact, I wish I checked the cake one last time before the final hand-off, but time was tight and air bubbles really don’t occur all that often. I sent her the pinhole instructions since I couldn’t leave my next function to come smooth down the bubble. She also hated the anchor on top, and I’m assuming she hated the initials, as well. She told me she liked the rope border at the top and the navy blue fondant ribbon along the bottom. That was it. Ooookay…

Be that as it may, this was the pic of the cake that I snapped right after I made it. I thought it had come out pretty cute, but you can’t please everyone. The inside is cookies and cream. And just to be clear, I did refund the customer 100% for this cake that she hated. Say what you will, but I don’t need to fight with someone who is unhappy with her cake. There are many other parties for my cakes to grace, and we will just have to move along from here!

8" Fondant Covered Cookies n Cream Cake

8″ Fondant Covered Cookies n Cream Cake

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