The Vegan Playground

14 Jan

Queenie Cakes has been swinging in the Vegan playground. No one will ever say I don’t try to do my best for all of my customers! My specialty is not Vegan, Gluten Free, or any type of dietary restrictive style of  baking AT ALL. I respect my fellow bakers that ONLY make these styles of desserts, but my focus is on flavor, appearance, and the general happiness of the eater.

I love butter, real sugar, eggs and dairy. They produce some of the most delicious, airy, beautiful cakes I could hope for.

But, when a long-time customer asks me to make them vegan desserts so they can still enjoy my wares, I won’t say no. I have separate bakeware, mixing tools, and bowls to prep these cakes. And, to my surprise, even her non-Vegan guests loved the results.

Hello, Vegan world. I won’t become a permanent resident, but I don’t mind visiting every now and again! 😉

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Choco Crunchies



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