Happy 1st Birthday, Esme!

19 Jul

My friend not only asked me to make her daughter Esme’s First Birthday Cake for her big party on the farm, but she also asked me to make her “Official” first birthday cake for her actual birthday! How awesome is that?

Angel Food Cake w/ Vanilla Whipped Icing (Cupcake in the middle is a less sweet version of this cake...for the baby's sensitive tummy!)

The barn is carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting. The sheet cake is vanilla and chocolate cake layered with vanilla and chocolate frosting.

So, there I was at the farm, snapping away with my Cannon Rebel, admiring my friend’s husband’s equally cool Cannon Camera. When I went to grab the pictures I took, imagine my disappointment when I realized that I forgot to put the memory card back in there.  Figures. I’ll update this post with the pics my friend took as soon as I get them!

UPDATED…with better pictures!

Farm Cake

How's that for cuteness?


2 Responses to “Happy 1st Birthday, Esme!”

  1. Shanita July 19, 2011 at 10:10 PM #

    Geez, both cakes are mouth-watering. I like the chocolate and vanilla cake with vanilla and chocolate icing idea. Is that like the way petit fours are made?

    • Chef Queenie July 19, 2011 at 10:43 PM #

      Petite fours are ultra thin cake layers stacked with thin layers of buttercream or raspberry jam and then coated with liquid fondant. Sometimes they have some marzipan in there. I LOVE them! They’re kind of a pain to make because they’re bite-sized. Anything tiny like that is kind of tedious. But, they’re so worth it!

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